Dwayne has contributed or his work has been review in the media since 1975. Dwayne’s dedication to visual art, more specifically wildlife and landscape painting has made one of the most prominent artists of his genre in the XXI century.

Here are five of the latest articles:

  • “Dwayne Harty captures Yellowstone to Yukon”, Big Sky Journal, Art edition, 2011. Eight pages article including cover images of Mountain Goats, Lake McArthur by Dwayne Harty
  • “How art is saving the West”, in prominent UK scientific journal 'Nature', August 4, 2011 edition.
  • “Wildlife art: portraits of an untamed country. An exhibit on North American wildlife art inspires passion and informs science”. International Edition of the Christian Sciences Monitor, August 10, 2011. Read the article.
  • “Untamed Heart. Dwayne Harty, Fall Arts Festival poster artist, unveils trove of paintings in ‘Yellowstone to Yukon: the journey of Wildlife and Art’”, Images West, the Guide to the Arts in Jackson Hole, 2011 edition. Read the article
  • “Yellowstone to Yukon: the Journey of Wildlife and Art. Contemporary artist Dwayne Harty paints the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor in the footsteps of Rungius, Bierstadt, Russel, Fery and More”, Western Art Collector, May 2011

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